Uschi Schwärzler

Everything began with my love for patchworking - I was about 15 years old and had to create our own pillowcase in school. Back then I couldn´t stop my enthusiasm and spontaneously made a whole blanket instead of a small pillowcase. From then on, I attended several patchwork classes and learnded how to choose matching colours and combine different shapes.

After my third daughter was born the time was limited as well as the space in our house and so I had to find something that matched my current situation better. In this case there could have been no better option for me, than to swap all the fabrics against glass! I was able to concentrate on smaller projects and items, but could also play with colours, design new shapes and pour my heart into arts.
At first I gained all my knowledge from many books I read and got wiser after every mistake I made. Two years ago I finally opened my own little studio, where I can now live my dream and create something new every day. Furthermore, I broaden my horizon with different courses I attend and all the experiences I am able to make along the way.

Exhibitions - Awards:

2017 Art am Hofsteig                                 my first exhibition at a gallery "Art am Hofsteig"



2017 Domo Mosaic Exhibition                   winner of the "Public Award"

         "Fragmente"                                      Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V. | DOMO (


2018 CREATIONS                                     I was chosen to be part of the book CREATIONS published by Jacqueline Iskander



2022 Domo Mosaic Exhibition                    I was chosen to be part of the worldwide exhibition in Germany

         "Die Ordnung und das Chaos            Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V. | DOMO (